Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chocolate Coated Cape Gooseberries and Apricots

For the cape gooseberries I got the idea from my Italian blogger friends who were surprised that I could grow them in my garden. Apparently in Europe they are really expensive, and you only buy them to decorate important cakes, and to coat them with chocolate.

Usually I coat dried apricots with dairy free dark chocolate, my kids love them, especially the boy: he wants them for his birthday party! Sometimes when I make chocolate apricots I also roll some in shredded coconut, and then use the left over coconut to clean up the chocolate bowl, making little coconut chocolates.

It is all very easy, and in no time I have a tray full of sweet treats!

For the cape gooseberries I pulled back the outer "lanterns" that cover the berries and held them in place with a paper clip, so that they didn't get into the chocolate.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. These are so pretty! What a wonderful idea...thanks for the how-to in order to keep the pretty lanterns part after they've been dipped.

  2. I love how the gooseberries look & agree with Rose- very pretty! Dried apricots are one of my favorite dried fruits, but I've never had them covered in chocolate. Mmmmm....

  3. So beautiful! I've never had gooseberries (in anything other than salsa) before, but I really want to try these. ^^

  4. Lo sai già che mi piacciono gli alchechengi, per la loro bellezza, il colore, la versatiità,ti ruberò l'idea delle mollettine:-)